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Elevate Your Event in Vienna's Prater:

Bar & Lounge



The amusement rides of the Popp family are among the last individually designed entertainment facilities in Vienna's Prater. One of the distinctive features of the Wiener Prater, the oldest amusement park in the world, is undoubtedly its history and, in particular, the sense of tradition upheld by some entrepreneurial families who have shaped the Prater over many generations, making it unique in the international comparison.


The Popp family, formerly known as the Reinprecht family in earlier generations, has been present in the Prater since 1894. What began with live horses in the late 19th century is now dedicated primarily to the youngest visitors of the Prater, children aged between two and ten years old. After the destruction during World War II, the grandfather of the current owner gradually rebuilt their businesses: in 1949, the small cars were installed, followed by the motorboats in 1958, the train in 1961, and the airplanes in 1963.


What makes these rides special is that they were conceived, developed, and manufactured by their owner, making them unique creations that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The rides are child-friendly and, at the same time, evoke a sense of nostalgia by offering glimpses into the past of the Prater, into the good old times. It is companies like these that make the Prater distinctive, giving it a special flair that cannot be found in any other amusement park in the world.


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